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What's new on WorkHands in Q2 2024?

The WorkHands Team
The WorkHands Team
July 9, 2024

Let's talk a bit about what's new at WorkHands lately, shall we?

This blog, of course!

WorkHands has historically operated pretty quietly online, but with a laser-like focus on making apprenticeship simpler for our clients. Lately, though, we've realized our mission is more broad than simply powering apprenticeship tracking and apprenticeship management on After years of serving hundreds of apprenticeships, listening in on talks, and becoming an apprenticeship program, ourselves, we realized our mission extended to sharing what we've learned to make apprenticeship simpler in other ways.

This blog is just one of the ways you'll see us sharing what we know about apprenticeships -- everything from best practices, reviews, interviews, and more. We often find these unique insights solely at apprenticeship conferences, but we (and you) can't always make it to conferences. It's time to make those insights more accessible to everyone.

Bulk actions on time cards

We get it. You have 10 apprentices submitting time cards to you each month, and approving each one individually has become a pain. Previously, you had to open each time card and click to approve them individually. Wouldn't it be great if you could just approve them all in a click or two? Now, you can!

This is something we played around with for quite some time until we found an interaction we liked -- redesigning the experience two or three times -- before releasing to the public. Give it a try and let us know the next bulk action we can help you resolve.

Animated gif of bulk time card approval on WorkHands

Multiple courses for a related instruction requirement

We see this a lot. You wrote up your standards two years ago, and now the college is changing how it offers courses. Or, you switched to a learning management system. Or, you have some private courses apprentices take now. It's written as a single requirement, but now your apprentices take three classes to obtain the hours associated with that requirement.

Animated gif of multiple course assignments to RSI on WorkHands

You could overhaul your related instruction in WorkHands and with your registration, or, you can now simply map multiple courses to a single requirement. To do this, make sure you've attributed hours to your courses. If the hours associated with your course are less than what's required for the related instruction requirement, the system will now allow you to assign additional courses to that related instruction requirement.

Inactive occupations

You know that one occupation that you're not supporting anymore? But everywhere you look in WorkHands, it still shows up? It's in your filters, your occupations list, etc. Now, you can hide it from view and let it filter out just like you can inactive apprentices. Simply pull up your occupation and change its status to Inactive.

Animated gif of marking occupations inactive on WorkHands

Not a WorkHands customer but want to learn more? Sign up for a demo today, and we can take you through the rest.